The world would be a whole lot better if we could do more of 3 simple things.

1- Say I love you wholeheartedly and courageously.

What does it mean to love wholeheartedly? It’s the most genuine type of love. It’s the one that honors love as a verb, not as a noun. It’s easy to say I love you. But what are you doing and who are you being to show that love, give that love and be that love?

Courageously… because the word courage itself comes from the Latin origin Cor. In its earliest form, ‘courage’ meant ‘To speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart.” The word for heart in some of the languages is coeur, cuore, corazon. How can there be love, if there is no courage when courage itself is love.

2- Say sorry when we cause someone else harm or pain and mean it when we say it.

We are human. And humans make mistakes. What’s not human is not to be sorry when you make a mistake especially when that mistake causes another human being pain or agony or hurt. What’s even worse is indifference. Relationships take work and effort. There’s no shame in saying I’m sorry. It opens hearts, starts dialogue and dissolves ill feelings.

3- Ask for help without fear of exposing our vulnerability.

We build walls around us and it is hard to break them down especially for those who spend years building them. We numb our senses along the way. We become emotionally mute. We forget how to become vulnerable. And we stop asking for help. We feel shame or fear of being perceived as vulnerable. Being vulnerable is letting people see you down to the core essence of who you are and we are afraid of people seeing that….some are afraid of what they would see in themselves.

How can we expect the world to be a better place when it all starts with you and me on the individual level. We can’t be passive about it. The world can become a better place when I step up to my part of making it so. Simple things we can start doing more of and then watch the world unfold into a more beautiful place to be.

Don’t ask what the world and what others can do for you… ask what you can do for the world and others.

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