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Certified life coach, educational psychologist, creator of PASSIONABILITY

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Hi, I'm Randa El Zein

I’m an educational psychologist, certified life coach & creator of PASSIONABILITY.

Over the past 12 years, I have coached hundreds of people coming from all sorts of different walks of life who have the same underlying causes for their different struggles. 99% of the time, the personal struggles we experience have their root cause in having insufficient emotional intelligence and the inability to deal with past trauma. I was one of those people living a life that felt meaningless and struggling in almost every area of my life.

My Journey

ManyTwists & Turns

In my twenties, I was pursuing my #1 passion for Interior design which got me to live in Italy and use it as a home base for traveling throughout Europe, pursuing my other passion for traveling.

In my thirties, while living in Canada, I drifted from all the things that brought me joy. I was lost in an unfulfilling marriage and my career shift to real estate. I was the opposite of a person living powered by passion. A series of major life-changing events, got me to quit my short-lived marriage, and my interior design career and completely shift gears to equip myself with the necessary tools, certifications, and training to help me in my newfound #1 passion of building and being of service to a Love Generation. I jumped into the unknown wholeheartedly, guided only by my own belief in my new cause and the life purpose I was meant to fulfill. And when I felt ready, I started Be You Educational Consultancy and shortly thereafter moved back to UAE, to be close to my dad and to make a difference in this part of the world, where very limited options are available for people who felt lost as I was.

“Randa encouraged me, pushed me, and helped me to see the ideas I was trying to create and put my ideas into action and let me drive those actions into results I so desperately wanted to achieve. I recommend this to all people regardless of the task, road block or confusion you may have in your own life. A giant thanks to Randa El Zein from me, my family, friends and co-workers.”
— Anthony Haack —

We are all here for a reason. We all have something great to offer because we are all unique in our own blend of wisdom, talent, abilities, and skills. You are what makes you unique and I will get you to own that uniqueness, be you, and live a life powered by passion. No compromise. No mediocrity.

I believe we need more happy people because happy people change the world. I’m here to build a love generation of happy people who are powered by passion. I believe happy people are those who bring their ALL to the game of life and utilize all their God-given unique set of gifts, talents, personality, and passion. That’s the essence of Being You.

I also believe that you have the power. The power to step up and change your life and change the world around you along the way. You have the power to choose to get out of your comfort zone and do things differently- more passionately – more you.

I traveled far and wide for my education and my preparation for this new role. I walked on burning coal in Florida, threw myself off a plane, twice, zip-lined the jungles of Belize and from the top of a skyscraper in Dubai, jumped off a 60-foot high pole in Fiji, walked on an active volcano in Greece, swam with nurse sharks, lived on 3 continents, gone to hell and back through that short-lived marriage, survived a 10-day silent meditation retreat, also survived the Desert Warrior Challenge- a 10K run with obstacles- and my favorite of all, I started rock climbing seriously at the age of 42. And at 45, I pursued a second master’s degree in Educational Psychology.

I love the thrill of a challenge, new beginnings, and actually doing something I thought was impossible. I assure you, I will have you go through the same whether it’s through private coaching or through Better Together, my private online community.

It doesn’t matter that I’ve gone through one of the most rigorous life coaching certification program in the world (that was ranked as #1 in 2021) or that I’m a certified Passion Test facilitator or that I’m trained to be a kids coach or that I’m a certified Yoga instructor or that I have well over 1600 hours of coaching under my belt or that I’m a certified Strategic Interventionist or that I have ICF’s PCC designation along with my Master’s in Educational Psychology and have many letters after my name.

It only matters that I absolutely kick-ass (like yours) into getting your sh*t out of the way, so that you can get more clarity and space to know what your passions truly are and then to have a game plan of how to bring more of that into your life and the world.

We have to start with why. Why am I doing this?
Because we need more happy people in the world…did I mention this already?!

Vision & Mission

Commitment to personal growth, happiness, empowerment and social change is what we thrive to instil in our community.

Our highly successful ‘east meets west’ approach brings together the modern Western self-help industry teachings and the ancient Eastern philosophies combining them with a strong affinity to the Middle Eastern’s unique cultural & societal norms and traditions in order to deliver practical, easy to understand methodologies, workshop events and products to inspire life-changing transformation.

Be You International is at the forefront of the empowerment industry in Abu Dhabi, and aspires to become one of the key providers of life coaching and innovative empowerment education solutions for the U.A.E and beyond.

Be You International is dedicated to inspiring young people to be Powered by Passion and to creating empowering services, products & workshops for our community. We are committed to inspiring confident future leaders & ambassadors for the greater good & to propagate a message of hope and positivity to the world. Ultimately, we intend to be the creator of a Love Generation and to be of service to it.

Be You International

Our Logo Philosophy

The butterfly is a symbol of transformation, rebirth and metamorphosis. Our logo is a butterfly that is formed of little butterflies that come in different colors, shapes and sizes because we hope to inspire young people who come to us, to embrace their individuality. When we fully become ourselves, utilizing our own strengths and talents doing what we love; that’s when we serve the world best. Simply BEing YOU can make such a big difference.

The logo symbolizes the collective effort required to create a more passionate world. We are empowered knowing that our smallest words and actions have the power to start change. The border of our big butterfly is left open to show that sky is the limit for each of those little butterflies transforming the world in their own time, in their own way, at their own pace. We are all unique in our own be-you-tiful way. We are not born to be confined in a mold and be all the same. Our freedom to be who we are enables us to be the change we want to see in the world. This is the essence of a Love Generation.



Unquenchable thirst for reading. (Read my siblings summer reading lists too) Started writing a diary (a habit I kept up to date) First experiences being bullied in school 1979



Jumped from KG2 to Grade 2 (skipping Grade 1) Youngest in her class throughout school and university years



Made it on the honors list 3 times
2 siblings who are 18 and 20 years younger came into my life

Interior Design teacher used my final project to show the others the calibre she’s looking for

Graduated with a BA in interior design and a minor in Fine Arts

Landed my first job as an Interior designer
and quit a year later & freelanced ever since!



Lived in Italy and graduated with a Master’s diploma in Interior and Product Design (and travelled all over Europe)


Owned my very first home
Started volunteering helping seniors and troubled kids
Started taking self development courses



Got a fortune cookie that said ‘Your name will be famous in the future’ & I believed it

Short lived difficult marriage
that got me into even more self growth workshops



Participated in a women’s retreat where I had the dream about wanting to help young women


Did a vision board that had the words Be You
& shortly after I sketched out the logo in one of my courses


Participated in a women’s retreat where I had the dream about wanting to help young women

Became a Kids Coach KCC

Did my first firewalk at UPW that kickstarted my healthy lifestyle



Did my 1st workshop in Abu Dhabi Aug 8, 2012
and got my YESS program into a school for the very first time,
then later into universities like Sorbonne & Petroleum Institute

and our booth was the talk of the show for 2 years


Skydiving in Fiji
First 10km run
Trapeze jump in the Bahamas
Swimming with nurse sharks in Belize
all to help me conquer fear and what I thought was impossible


Speaking at Sorbonne to hundreds of highschool students Be You card set launched Desert Warrior Challenge 10k – OctSummer camp launched


First Enough is Enough women retreat
Got my PCC designation (almost 1000 hrs of coaching experience)
Happyness 101 Launched August 8th
First charity workshop event in Lebanon



Walk-A-Thought launched Parenting with Passion launched and was the most publicised of our events Happyness 101 was part of UAE’s The National Program for Happiness and Positivity

Participated in the Women Heritage Walk
crossing the desert between Al Ain & Abu Dhabi






May 5th:



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HappYness 101

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