An optimist in a pessimistic world – with everything going on around me in this region, I feel like I’m an ostrich with her head in the hole oblivious to the evil, greed, and destruction forces all around her. I’m feeling helpless and naive.

Here I am wanting to create a love generation… in a world where humanity seems to be disappearing. Here I am wanting to inspire younger women and our youth to live powered by their passions and I witness human beings forgetting how to be human.

I’m trying to celebrate life, but death is having a bigger party. I’m trying to spread love and happiness, but hate and fear have the upper hand. I’m thinking what’s the point of what I’m doing any more and feeling anxiety regarding some big moves I’m making between now and year end. I’ve been crying for no reason and for any reason. I’ve been losing sleep over all of this.

Today I was about to cancel my coaching appointments as I felt unfit to coach… but instead I chose to reach out to one of my closest friends here. And I’m all the better for it. Close friends are a gift from God… especially those who know you ever since you were like 5 years old!! You know who you are and I love you.

At the first coaching appointment of the day, my client came to a point where her hands were literally shaking with disbelief at what has unfolded for her and the breakthrough she just had. She said this is the key, the solution to everything in her life.

At several points I held back my tears (feeling emotional as it is) but I failed when she stopped writing the last thing I had her do and she started balling her eyes out saying she has no idea where all that she just wrote has come from! She made a promise to herself that she will never give up on her dreams again.

So reflecting back on my day and how I’ve been feeling lately… I guess that it’s true…. I’m just one naive person trying to do some good in this bad-ass world… but for this woman, there was a whole lot of good that has been done… and that has the potential to transform not only her life, but that of her husband, kids, and all the little girls she wants to educate on tolerance and social awareness!!

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