I don’t understand people who hold on to anger indefinitely. I don’t understand how they can hold on to it year after year. Life keeps moving on, and people grow older. Personalities change and interactions become so different. And yet, some people have so much bitterness filling their hearts and blinding them from seeing an alternative way of living.

I don’t understand how they can have all that energy spent into this one most damaging of emotions. It must be so burdensome and I’m sure it eats away at them. They would rather die slowly on the inside than to admit they were wrong, or to forgive the person who’s wronged them, or to just let go and start a fresh new page. Too much pride can kill you.

The sad part is that anger is only a cover for a more deeply desired emotion. Nine out of ten times, it is the desire to be loved. And when it doesn’t happen their way, and on their terms, then hell breaks loose.

Anger has become so widely accepted… very much like stress. People find it much easier and more acceptable to say ‘I’m angry’ or ‘This or that angers me’ than to say ‘I’m feeling unloved’ or ‘I wish someone would love me’.

If you dare to try to calm an angry person or reconcile between two people who are fighting… then you will likely be subjected to their mockery, or be attacked with cruel words coming from their self-defensive ego. How dare you tell them there is a way out of their misery or suffering!

The way I see it… you can be right, or you can be happy! Your emotions are a choice you make.

Yes, we fall into undesirable ones all the time, but we can just as fast fall out of them. It’s your life. Choose wisely!

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