Assess Reflect Plan – At the beginning of every month, I take time to assess, reflect and plan. My 2015 so far has been absolutely fantastic and for that I’m ever so ‪grateful‬. I was invited to speak at an event for young entrepreneurs. I did my very first women retreat, which was a huge success in that it transformed the lives of 10 beautiful women. I gave a day workshop at Sorbonne University addressing almost 300 teenagers. I gave a few workshops and spent many hours with private clients. I meditated every morning and I made peace with my dad who is still angry because I went to the ‪Vipassana‬ retreat last December!

This month is off to a great start already and I’ve 29 more days of it to go! Yay! Don’t you just love a life where you wake up and feel excited because you get to do the same thing AGAIN… the same thing that you love, the same thing that you are passionate about!?!

My youngest client aged 7 and all the way to my eldest, aged 58 … are my ‪teachers‬. I learn from them and see the world through their eyes and it stretches my limits and ‪‎perspectives‬ constantly. This world I live in is so beautiful, so rich and to think all I needed to do was open my eyes to see. There was a time (it feels like ages ago) where I was blind. Where I had no passion whatsoever. I had no spark. I wasn’t happy about much. I was angry about everything and with everyone. It was a time when my heart felt heavy. And I was dreaming of ‘One Day’ things will be better. I was in the dark.

It was in the dark that I got my break. A message of what it is I am supposed to do. I took that message and I ran. No looking back. Now my heart is nothing but overwhelmed with joy and ‪gratitude. Now I live powered by passion.

My heart goes out to people who don’t know what to do. Those who sit on the fence. Those who may be in the dark. I say to them this… it is a choice. Show a prisoner the world… and all he would see are the bars of his cell. Don’t be a prisoner of your own thoughts. If I did it, anybody can. You can. Give it a try… just Be You.

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