They say there are 2 important moments in ones life;

  • The moment you were born
  • The moment you know why.

I know that through the series of life events I had to go through, I have come to find what it is I was born to do. I’m here to empower women, to motivate teenagers and to inspire everybody to live powered by their passion.

What is the point of living day after day doing something you don’t like, so you can buy things you don’t need, so you can be someone you don’t want to be? Studies show that less than 20% of people live aligned with their passions. I don’t know about you, but 20% is such a poor statistic. Imagine a world where everyone is actually fired up and powered by their passion. Everyone wakes up in the morning and rejoices at what they have to do that day because they love what they do and who they are.

Sadly, this is not the case. But what if we can tip the scale? What if the statistics shift and we get 80% of people living their passions, living happy, living fulfilled? That would be a world full of love. A love generation is waiting to be born.

I believe strongly that if we work on the youth of today, and empower and inspire them to accept nothing but the best version of themselves, to want to live out their fullest potentials, to want so badly to be living on purpose, a life they’ve chosen for themselves and to be powered by their passions, then they will be better future parents and leaders. Together we can make this a better world. It is not impossible, and it starts with you… being genuinely and authentically you!


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