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My Birthday Wish to You

My Birthday Wish to You!

On my birthday, I’m inspired to give before I receive. In a few hours, I turn 39 feelings seriously younger than ever. Younger cause I’m happier living a life aligned with my passions. And if I can do it, so can you.

My gift is a wish… actually a whole bunch of wishes for you. Please share with everyone. This is the gift that keeps on giving. 🙂

I wish for you… to stop tip-toeing safely around life… we are all heading towards one end. We are all going to die. I wish for you to stop playing life within the confines of your comfort zone.

I wish for you… to refuse to play the role of an extra in your own movie…the movie called Your Life. Take the leading role. Take charge. Set a new standard for how life should be lived against all odds that could and will be against you. Be in the spotlight of your own life and shine bright.

I wish for you… to stop living by just making ends meet, pay the bills cause they keep coming, go to work because you have to, get married because it’s expected, have kids because time is ticking, travel because you are running away…

I wish for you… to live on purpose. We are here to create and express and inspire and step up.

I wish for you… a life without fear. Working towards one’s dreams is hard. There may be a pain, hardships, challenges, and God-awful difficulties. But without fear, if you could not ‘feel’ or ‘recognize’ fear…what is possible for you? I wish for you to never give up on your dreams.

I wish for you… to stop asking ‘why me?’ and start asking ‘why not?’ I wish for you to stop complaining and start pushing your limits to where it becomes so uncomfortable that you finally taste freedom. Freedom of fear. Fear of failure and fear of success.

I wish for you… to cleanse your life of people who don’t lift you higher, who don’t support you, who don’t share your vision, and who stifle your creativity.

I wish for you… to stop giving a shit about what others say and start listening to your inner wise self. That part of you who cheers you on constantly but is tired because you don’t listen to it…so it became mute.

I wish for you… to surround yourself with people who refuse to accept life as is, people who want to raise the standards, and people who don’t take no for an answer and inspire you to keep moving full throttle toward your dreams, aspirations, and goals.

I wish for you… success and greatness. This doesn’t come to the passive. This comes to those who dare.

I wish for you… to dare. It comes to the risk takers.

I wish for you… to take risks every day. Don’t calculate your way to your dreams. Rush to your dreams. Run as if your life depends on it… because it does.

I wish for you… to realize that if your dreams are to come true, that it’s totally and utterly and absolutely up to You… and to live accordingly.

If you don’t like the results you are getting, which is the life you’ve manifested for yourself, then change those results.

Two magnets that say LIVE MORE
Photo by Eva Bronzini

To change the results you need to do shit differently. Change the way you look at things and watch as those things start to change for you. The only person who is working against you is you. It is said that when there’s no enemy within, then no enemy outside of yourself could ever stop you from doing anything.

When you are at the peak of a mountain, it doesn’t mean you conquered the mountain, it means that you conquered your own self-limiting beliefs about your ability to climb that mountain. You can build the wildest, most kick-ass dreams imaginable. But with certain paradigms and belief systems, your awareness is muted and blinded. You are unaware of your actual capacity and ability to manifest those dreams. Those paradigms stop manifestation… and you are living unaware. Unaware of your potential. Of your true colors. Of the beauty of Being You.

This is advice that I give knowing that it will resonate with many because you know my own personal paradigm shifts throughout the past recent years and how far I’ve come. Some of you know I was not born happy, bubbly, and motivated! I’ve had my fair share of shitty life and managed to turn it around and learn from it. I have scars to show for it too! You know I walk the talk and not just talk for the sake of talking. I inspire by example and on my 39th birthday, I hope to keep inspiring for years and years to come.

On this day, I want to pray for all who suffer quietly and alone… and I say, it doesn’t have to be that way, but it won’t change until you decide it to. On this day I ask you to reach out to one other person, even if it is yourself in the mirror and genuinely tell them you love them. I hope for parents to trigger this in their kids, and for partners in each other. The world can be a much happier, friendlier, and full of love place… and it all starts with you and me. My wish and life mission is to create a love generation powered by passion.

Join me, be part of it. That would be all I would wish for on my birthday.

My Birthday Wish to You


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