It’s day 15 of my 60 day challenge and yes I’m still at it and going strong despite all that is happening in the world. I quietly sit and watch how hate grows more hate and anger perpetuates more anger. I sit and watch even the quiet ones all of a sudden feeling like they need to get on their mighty horses and start judging and expressing disgust or anger or contempt. Have we really gone this numb? This blind? So far off on a tangent that we’ve lost our core essence? If only each and every one of us focuses on elevating their own self awareness… and raising their consciousness then we’d realize that is the only way we can heal the world that so badly needs us to wake up.

In very simple terms, here’s my 2 cents on what it all boils down to.

Some people are powered by passion, love and the need to serve, they wake up in the morning excited to do things they love to do because they believe in love and they believe in doing good. Others are powered by greed, money, ego and wake up every morning excited about that.. and end up doing evil that they are so focused on and dedicated to.The thing is that everybody gets to choose what they are powered by.

So I ask you what do you choose? What do you want to do to make the world a better place, because that’s what we need more of?

If you are pointing fingers at ISIS… here’s a few questions for you! How do you treat your family? Your coworkers? Your friends? You partner? Other religions? Other nationalities? Other ethnic groups? Other animals? If you slow down enough to observe…you will notice ISIS is inside all of us. We go ballistically angry at silly comments we hear about us or things that we take personally, we drive outrageously angry at someone who over passed us and cuss and curse at them in every language we can speak, we talk down at the customer service guy based on his nationality and judge friends based on what car they drive, what brands they wear and depending on how it compares to us. We bash, ridicule, bully or wish hateful things upon them as a bare minimum. ISIS is not out there… it is inside. And unless we clean up our shit… don’t expect the news to get any happier.

If you haven’t, you must watch Rise of the Guardians. The little part from that animation movie that comes to mind, is that the power of the Tooth Fairy was going weaker and weaker because the kids stopped believing in her. It is only by believing that good will win over evil in the end.. (in real life, not only in movies)… that our world would have a chance.

We need to believe that the good we CAN do on a daily basis to spread love and tolerance and the higher awareness that we are all one… is worth it and CAN make this world a better place.

We are all one. There is no ‘us’ and ‘them’. We are all connected.

Until we get this, people will continue to die… innocent people.

Spread happiness people. Teach love. Here’s a little song to bring a little sunshine into your life.

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