Butterfly Wall Lit Up – On my third day of the challenge, I knew I was my old self again because I was back to singing with gusto in my car on the way to work. And it feels mighty good. Had an excellent kind of day. Had to do my monthly finances today which was a bit of a damper but nothing like an hour with Tony Robbins to get you chanting I love money and money loves me! Then I had some fabulous conversations and appointments set up with people who love singing to my tune.

My last private coaching client of the day, literally had light bulbs going off over his head and he almost galloped out of my office. And I finally after many long months, got my butterfly wall to light up, and it changes colors too!! Which do you like best?

It’s almost midnight and I’ve just put down my guitar. All the things I’m challenging myself to do daily are completed, including a 3k run after a delicious warm-up session! I’m loving being on this challenge! Who wants to join me?

Butterfly Wall Lit Up


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