Spreading the Love!

My challenge was at risk because of a few distractions but not to worry, I still managed. It really does work like a charm to challenge yourself this way, on a stage for all to see, to judge or to join! A client started his own challenge publicly today and I think the...

Butterfly Wall Lit Up

Butterfly Wall Lit Up – On my third day of the challenge, I knew I was my old self again because I was back to singing with gusto in my car on the way to work. And it feels mighty good. Had an excellent kind of day. Had to do my monthly finances today which was...

One Day at a Time!

I managed to get through my first day completing everything on my list. Plus some bonuses: • This morning I was interviewed by a local newspaper. • I got my dad laughing at my paragliding video from last month’s trip to Lebanon. • I got a great idea in the works...

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