Believe in the Power of Your Dreams

The first week in a brand new year was unfolding gracefully for me as I tackled the tasks I was setting for myself for that week while staying at Grail Springs one of the most amazing wellness resorts in Ontario, Canada, a couple of years ago. I spend the most part of...

Life Coaching… Filling the Gap!

Life coaching is a relatively new industry in the Middle East. In the city of Abu Dhabi itself, there’s but a handful of coaches. So it is understandable that every time I’m asked what do I do for a living, since I moved back to UAE, I have to tell a story...

Your Bullshit Story

What is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself that stands in the way of you achieving your dreams and living the life you truly want? Everyone has a story. The words of the story has their very own power. They work it so that you believe your story even when...

Boost Your Kid's Confidence

That’s one of the most important goals for every parent. Get actionable advice & food for thought to help you become a better parent for your kid.

HappYness 101

Learn how to boost your happiness & confidence quickly without having to spend a ton of time on self-help books.