In the spirit of celebrating this great nation… I have a dream to share. A real dream that I had few nights ago. I saw one of my biggest idols, Sheikh Zayed (الله يرحمه) who was looking happy and has come to give me a gift. It was an album and it just said U2 on the cover. That was it! When I woke up, all I could think of is that he’s affirming I am on the right path and that I, too, will do as much good as he’s done, or be loved as much, or that I will contribute like Bono did (U2 album was Bono’s)!

Whatever it may be… I’ll take it. I dreamt of him 2 nights in a row. I think my Emirati friends will be jealous. I was not even 1 month old when my parents decided to move to Abu Dhabi. It was home for the next 16 years until it was time for me to go to university. I tried escaping it repeatedly in my rebellious twenties for it become my prison until I finally managed 10 years as far away as I possibly could… in Canada!

But almost 4 years ago, I came back voluntarily. I came back to plant seeds of goodness in a fertile soil…it is now my garden. And today as the whole country gets dressed in red, green, white and black to celebrate its National Day, I feel as happy and proud and grateful as any Emirati or expat who thinks as I do that ‪#‎UAEishome‬

So, my Be You butterflies are all dressed up today. I still left a bit of the original colors because…you have to… umm, Be You!

These are some of my favorite quotes by Sheikh Zayed that I absolutely believe in…I believe I’m making him proud through the work I do here.

إن أولى واجبات المواطن أن يعمل ليلاً نهاراً لرفع مستواه وبالتالي رفع مستوى أمته  ولا يجب أن يقنع هذا المواطن بأنه نال شهادته واستلم منصبه ثم يجلس لا يفعل

الثروة الحقيقية هي ثروة الرجال وليس المال والنفط ، ولا فائدة في المال إذا لم يسخر لخدمة الشعب- الشيخ زايد بن سلطان

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