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Define Your Perfect Morning

Here is my question for you this morning. What’s most important to you? What is the one thing you really want to do on a daily basis that would make a big difference, but you just can’t seem to find the time for?

In short, what good habit do you want to cultivate that would make a real impact on your life?

Think about this for a moment. It could be in any area of your life from exercise and healthy eating to self-improvement or getting ahead in business or at your job. It could be working on your relationship with your kids, finding time for creative pursuits, or getting into the habit of reading every morning.

A coffee cup that says "What good shall I do this day?"

Once you’ve figured out what you want to work on, what you want to improve, and what’s important to you, we’ll think about how you can make it part of your morning routine. Sit back and imagine your perfect morning. It isn’t stressed or rushed. Most importantly it’s a day when you have time for everything on your list. Maybe it means having time for a long shower. Maybe it’s going for a run before breakfast. Maybe it’s having a few minutes to connect with your spouse over coffee or maybe it’s carving out an hour first thing in the morning to work on your side business or a dream you are passionate about turning into a reality.

That’s a lot of “maybes” but the key is to start with what’s most important to you and think about how you could fit it into your morning routine. Remember, you’re just dreaming and imagining at this point. We’ll work on figuring out where to find the time to fit it in and how to make it all work out later on. For now, I simply want you to paint a vivid picture of what your new morning could look like.

Someone writing on a notebook with a blue pen

I want you to become very clear on what you want that perfect morning to look like. Imagine it in as much detail as you possibly can. Write it down in a journal or on a piece of paper that you can refer back to as needed. In short, define your perfect morning.

Why is this so important? Because you can’t start to make any meaningful changes until you know what your goals are. You need to know your destination before you can start to pick a route and figure out how you’ll get there.

That’s what today’s task is all about. It’s figuring out where you want to get to. Don’t stop until you have it figured out and firmly pictured in your mind.

8 thoughts on “Define Your Perfect Morning”

  1. i would love if i could set quietly with my mom drinking coffee with her maybe write a bit
    i really hope my mornings will change.

  2. Put the effort in. Even 1% effort is better than zero. And by the way, you are not allowed to call yourself a hopeless case 😉

  3. It was a challenge morning and i wake up on the first alarm, i need to be consistent every day. I want a perfect morning start with doing my bed & the skin routine and i want to do meditation or prayer then read a book.

  4. Love the centering question, “What’s most important to you?” to help me focus on a core value, and then identify one thing I can do on a daily basis to breathe life and love into that value. It reminds me of Brene Brown’s “paint done” – visualizing doing that one thing and seeing it make a big difference in our lives.

  5. I set my goals for perfect morning, I hope this gonna motivate me.Otherwise I will consider myself hopless case

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