Guess how many elephants I have in my office!! The elephant is a symbol of mental strength and power. It is a leader among the animals. It is wise and it remembers everything. But more recently, I learned that it is the remover of obstacles. As every client sits on my sofa, with the mother & baby elephants over them, I silently wish that I manage to help them overcome whatever obstacles they have that stops them from having a happier life, a heart at peace and an uncluttered mind. And every morning I ask that my own obstacles be removed so I can serve the love generation I’m trying to build in this part of the world.

Overly upset with the recent news and heart piercing images… I know I can’t help those who have passed as a result of this love deprived world and its nonsensical crap… but I know that I can work on our youth now for in them is hope for a better future. Better kids today become better parents/adults/leaders tomorrow and we then have a better world, one that is powered by passion.

That’s my plan, my intention, my promise, and I will make it happen or die trying.

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