Under the current heart breaking events in this part of the world, I’ve been feeling very powerless and actually had a dream last night about it too. I was trying to stop a storm of ‘evil’ red clouds from engulfing everything in their way and all I had was a small piece of cardboard in my hands as I frantically tried to blow the clouds all away …(yes my dreams are graphic)… but it’s just a reflection of how small I feel my contribution is to being the change I wish to see in the world. I feel I want to do more, bigger, better, faster…

So this happened today!!

After a group coaching event I ran for moms in Abu Dhabi, I got so many beautiful ‘thank you’ comments. In one of them, someone called me ‘doctor Randa’ which I obviously wanted reply to so I can clarify that I’m not a doctor. Then I got this reply saying that ‘doctor’ is the highest form of respect. OMG!! I’m humbled and grateful.

One mom said my workshop was like standing in front of a mirror that points out where you’ve gone astray (with negativity impacting you life and the life of those around you) and how to come back to a more positive path, in a loving accepting environment.

It is said that the problem of society is the problem of the individual. If we just work on cleaning up the shit in our heads…the world will be a better place with no evil looking red clouds!

What do you say?

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