Way at the beginning of my path to becoming a coach, I remember being in class learning that one of the tools of a good coach is her ability to ‘evoke transformation‘. With her permission, this is a story of one mom’s transformation through coming to a few of my group coaching sessions.

Few months ago, Dalal walks into one of my sessions. She walked in with a bit of an attitude and a strong opinion about everything … reminds me of my own mum… The session was about the power of this moment and the thoughts we choose to believe … she put her hand up to volunteer. Within a few minutes, she comes to realize that her thoughts and actions always revolved around fear. This woman’s fear of failing has stopped her from following her own dreams AND is making her take a stubborn stand in the way of her teen daughter’s dream. She goes on to tell me how great her daughter is at football (a very unconventional thing for the typical Arab girl in this part of the world-which is the cause of the drama with mama). Her daughter’s dream is to go pro encouraged by her father, her coach and her school team… but discouraged by her mom.

We dig deeper and more is self-revealed to this woman but there’s only so much I can do within minutes with one individual in a group setting… however, I left her with this one thought; There are people who spend a lifetime trying to find what it is they are passionate about but fail which they live unfulfilled lives… and then there’s people like her daughter who at such an early age knows exactly what she is passionate about and needs to actually fight her mom to be able to live it.

Few weeks later, Dalal comes to another one of my workshops and shares with other moms her story of how she was gripping strongly to her opinion out of fear and how she has now loosened up a bit…she was very open minded and laughing at herself as I picked on her for being the example of a dream-crusher! And last night she sends me this picture and an article that mentioned her daughter as the star who led her school into the finals of the under-17 competition!

She assured me that she will not be in the way of her daughter’s dream (or else that would ruin my story) and the cherry on top, is that mama is now going to class to improve her English… something she’s been very fearful of doing.

I just love happy endings and stories like this. Stories of evoked transformation!


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