You live from one moment to the next so regular like heartbeats but every now and then there comes a  moment that stops you in your track, where you know everything is going to change. The regular pattern has been interrupted. You pause for a minute taking in that feeling, taking in that moment, like when your heart skips a beat or when you’ve just jumped into a cold pool. You simply feel more awake! You know things have changed maybe by just a few degrees or maybe by a full 180.

Moments like these come when you find your passion, and when you know for certain what it is you are on this earth to do! The trick is to discover who you are and what your passion is early on in your life. Then believe in yourself enough to go for it with no compromise and to be yourself and to love who you are.

The only way to pursue your passions is by jumping in with both feet.

Sometimes you may fail, and very often get distracted. But never regret trying because you will have too much fun and you will have no idea what’s next. There are no limits.

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The thing about following your passion and living in the moment is that you are able to see more opportunities than most people do… and that you have the courage to jump in despite all your fears.

I don’t care what it is …  if you are good at something and more importantly you love it, you will find a way to make money at it, if you persevere. To become a master at anything you need 10,000 hrs working on it according to research highlighted in Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers. So you better be loving every single minute of it.

Only then can you say that you do what you love and love what you do!

Dedicating yourself to it 100%,  is the difference between a job you hate and a career you love…between a mediocre life and a life you adore!

So don’t short change yourself. Go out there and play big!

Follow Your Passion

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