If you try seeing ‘goodbye’ as a gift or a blessing, you will find it easier to let go. Without closing some doors, new opportunities in life will not open up. It’s like the universe is programmed to not give you more than you can handle. It waits for you to chew one mouthful at a time… even though, sometimes, it sure doesn’t seem or feel that way at all. What I’m talking about is on the energetic level. Everything is energy, everything is vibration and if your energy is signalling, “I can’t handle anymore” or “I can’t let go of …” then that’s exactly what your reality will be. You will manifest exactly what you are saying. On the other hand, if you lovingly say ‘goodbye’ and let go then new people will show up. ‘Hello’ will become ever so sweet.

People are constantly coming in and out of our lives. They serve a purpose for a while, that ‘while’ can be a day, a year or a lifetime. Then they move on to leave space in your life for new people to come in. Your personal growth is now ready for someone new or for something new. Whether this is a partner, a friend, a job, a move, it really doesn’t matter. When you let go with open arms… it is with open arms that you will welcome something new. 

I hope you open your heart to this new year and all it has to offer you of gifts and challenges because it is all happening for you, not to you.

Happy New Year!

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