10 days to go of my 60 day challenge. I promised myself a month off this December and I kept breaking it. How can I resist when I get calls from clients wanting to do The Passion Test. Anyway today is it. Fluffy and I are officially on holiday mode! I do believe this is the ha-happiest season of all! I loved 2015 big time as it has been a really good year to me and to Be You International and I’m pumped about a brand new 2016 and all it has in store for me!

I’ve always had a fascination with the whole East meets West thing in whatever form that may be. There’s always more beauty in the ‘coming together’ of people, ideas and cultures no matter the differences. Enjoy these Christmas carols performed like I’ve never heard before.

Here in Abu Dhabi is the best example of the merging…and coming together of people from different religions to celebrate. Maybe this coincidence of the 2 religious occasions coming on the same day is a message, a reminder (that I think should happen a lot more often than every 475 years) that we are all one.

So whether it’s Merry Christmas for those celebrating the birth of Christ, or كل عام ونتو بخير (meaning “May every year find you in good health!”) for those celebrating the birth of the Prophet, as this year they both merge on the same day (last it happened was 475 years ago)…I say Be Happy wherever you are and whoever you may be spending this special day with.

Love to all from Fluffy & me!


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