There are two very important things to aim for in life. The first is to reach our goal, whatever it may be. The second (and more important) is to enjoy the journey to reaching that goal and the goal itself once reached. Only the wise achieve the second. It is said that being happy is being wise.

So how come there’s a lot of people who are not happy and don’t know how to enjoy what they have or what they are doing? I believe that the secret is living a life that is aligned with your passions. It’s one thing to have to do something because you have to, and a completely different thing to do something because you love to!

If you are unhappy about something, change it. Sitting there complaining and sulking will not likely change your situation or your state of unhappiness. Happiness is an inside job. You are in control of your emotions, the reverse is true only with your permission!

Here’s a list of the advantages for just being a happy person at work according to Shawn Achor who spent over a decade at Harvard University  working on Positive Psychology research and won over a dozen distinguished teaching awards for his work.

• 37% greater sales
• 3 times more creative
• 31% more productive
• 40% likely to receive a promotion
• 23% fewer fatigue symptoms
• up to 10 times more energy
• 39% more likely to live to 94

Your brain has an advantage when it’s happy according to Shawn’s study. We have what he called ‘mirror neurons’ that pick up on negativity like second hand smoking.

So let’s get on with it people… let’s create a wave of happiness to crush the negativity around us at home, in the office, or even when stuck in a traffic jam. It’s easy. Just choose to be happy today and everyday!

You are in charge of your happiness … say Yes, I am!


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