Karma … While I Waited a Little More – I was waiting to get my prescription, after seeing the surgeon (another story for another day) at the hospital yesterday. Now I hate waiting big time, but when my number 510 came up, I walked over to this woman I was watching (who was struggling with her newborn as she waited ) and I told her to take my turn.

Her number was 517 and my heart was sinking just thinking of all the extra time I’d have to wait now. She was puzzled but gladly accepted. I grab her ticket and go to sit as I spot another ticket on the floor … it was 512. Pretty soon, it was called, like within a minute! Karma is beautiful. The same energy you put out in the world, you will receive back…like a boomerang. If you don’t like what you receive, try a different boomerang!

What kind of energy are you putting out there?


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