If you are not living the life you want, then you are living inside your comfort zone! Kiss Your Comfort Zone Goodbye will help you get out through:

Setting goals: Learn how to set goals with clarity.

Conquering self-doubt: Bust through your fears & stretch your limits.

Breaking your routine: Know your patterns and what will support your growth. 

And more...

PS. Outside our comfort zones is where all the exciting stuff in life happens.

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Kiss Your Comfort Zone Goodbye

“It’s all there inside me, I just want to dig deep! I used to read a lot of books about how to achieve your goals but reading books is different than participating in a similar session, with the tasks you have to do during the session your eyes will open more and you will be more sure about your next step, it’s like the real fuel in the car and I filled the tank today.” ~Maysoon

“Thank you Randa for making a change in my life. I’m more outgoing, self-expressive, socializing more..doing stuff out of my comfort zone, understanding myself more, loving myself more.” ~Lina Hajar