Yes, the F word! Fear.

Fear is probably the number one hurdle stopping people from living their true passions. Fear stops us from dreaming big and from tapping into our unlimited potentials. Fear makes us live small.

We’ve become experts at masking it too, under the disguise of ‘practicality’. So instead of saying the truth I would for example say that I can’t leave my job because I need the secure income. You say you can’t pursue a dream because you don’t have the money. She says she can’t start that business she’s so passionate about because she has three kids at home. The real reason is fear. We cover it and we mask it. But when the onion is peeled one layer at a time, and you get to the core, you find that it is fear looking you straight in the eye and is what’s really holding you back!

Now, I get to say I’ve done things that in the past, I said I would never ever do. I walked on burning coals, I hiked on an active volcano, I jumped off a 60 foot high pole, I did 2 skydives and few days ago, I did a crazy 10 kms with obstacles challenge. All what that truly is… is but a metaphor. What else am I capable of doing (that I previously thought is impossible because of the F word)?!What would you do if you had no fear? Or if you were to be whatever you want in spite of having fear, what would that feel like?

There’s such a high price we pay when we don’t conquer our fear. There’s much that we miss out on when we let fear run our lives. As they say, your negative attitude about life is like a flat tire. If you don’t change it, you won’t get anywhere!

Think about it!

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