Last December, I went to a Vipassana retreat where you must conscientiously follow some rules, one of which is to abstain from killing any being. Since then, I seriously have avoided ‘killing’ … any insect (even them ugly roaches in Abu Dhabi). And my month in Sri Lanka has worked miracles in terms of being at peace with them darn bugs. I’m even seriously considering going vegetarian again.

So, it’s really beyond me to comprehend trophy hunting. My best guess, (and I’m trying to be as polite as I can here), is that this Walter Palmer has balls as small as chick peas and therefore hunting lions is his way to compensate. Somebody needs to tell him there’s pills for that sort of shit. What a sick mind this man must have! The sad part is that there’s many like him. Insecure bastards who feed their ego and self esteem by picking on women, shy kids, fat people, animals, you name it. How different is this Walter from the bullies in our lives or the men who beat their wives?!

What this man has done was evoke a tsunami of hatred and anger. People angry at him killing another being…and they want to punish him by …wait for it… killing him! What the world needs is a ‘Pause’ button. Pause. Observe. Comprehend. Realise. Then take right action…

Still, it’s hard not to notice the selective outrage over the death of one lion, when there’s 30,000 kids who die daily from hunger! Makes me wonder, are we just numb to one type of injustice or another?

At the risk of being judged as cliche…I will still say that all we need is love. Love will bring more peace than all the guns in the world. If we all have more love in our life, and more peace in our hearts… Cecil would probably be yawning now in the park and about to have another long nap.

For the Love of Cecil


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