My parents…right at the beginning of their 40 years of marriage. This picture was at a time where the thought of ‘me’ was but a possibility. My dad knew he wanted to marry her the minute he saw her, next she had to move to Lebanon, and shortly after to Abu Dhabi. Their first home had sand for flooring and a corrugated metal ceiling that would flap on a windy day! That was when I was just a baby and mum no more than 20. She told me once that dad would leave to work and when I start crying, she’d cry with me until dad came back coz she didn’t know what to do! He was her everything and most probably still is.

I’ve witnessed them go through the ups and the downs and I’ve seen how they stuck it out for better or for worse. God knows I was a major part of the grief they had to go through, probably still am. And though they are not the romantic type who will be doing all sorts to celebrate this milestone, I know that what they have is love beyond just words and actions. I love how they love one another in their own weird as hell way. Love is all we need.

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