One of the many beautiful tools up my sleeve as a coach is The Passion Test. And this is the story of how I came to discover it.

When I was 10, I had an English teacher whom I loved dearly. I wanted to become a teacher because of her. We had a chalk board at home. My younger sister and all my imaginary friends were my students. And I played as teacher for hours on end.

Then I grew up and off to university I went to do Architecture because I thought that would please my father as it related to his line of business. One night though, I saw the girls at the dormitory working on their Interior Design projects and it was love at first sight! I switched majors on the spot and 5 years later, graduated as an Interior Designer.

I grew up and always had this feeling that there must be more to life… more to my life. I heard stories of travel and the big wide world out there. All I wanted was to see it for myself. So I got to travel a lot and live in cool places like Italy and Canada.

Fast forward the story, it took me another 10 years or so to come full circle and have a dream that literally jolted me out of my sleep. What I saw me doing in that dream was my life purpose, my mission! I need to be inspiring youth to live out their dreams and their passions. I need to be empowering women to tap into their potentials and live in alignment with their passions. In a way, I wanted to be a teacher just like when I was 10 … but different!

I knew that was what I wanted more than anything else I’ve ever wanted before. The ‘how’ took care of itself for me. I spent a good couple of months with good ol’ google researching my next steps and stumbled upon The Passion Test among many other tools. This is how I get to be facilitating it to groups or in private sessions.

I can now say that I’m living my #1 passion at a 10 out of 10.

The Passion Test is the effortless way to find your passions. You can read the book on your own or you can have a private session with a facilitator, like me, to guide you through it. If you don’t know what makes you happy, if you are not living a passionate life, if you are not doing what you love to be doing, if you are feeling unfulfilled, then you are among the 80% of people in the same boat. Step up, defy the odds, do yourself a huge favor and do the Passion Test. You can thank me later!

My Journey to The Passion Test


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