Days of Gratitude | Day 7/7 – I guess considering the number of flights I took in the past month, I have to say I feel grateful to be alive. With one more flight to go before I’m home, and with the risk of it disappearing into thin air, being shot down, getting abducted by aliens or whatever else is happening I would like to leave you with this message… be loving. Find love in everything and everyone and everywhere. It is the opposite that makes us kill, hate and treat each other like garbage.

I don’t like to speak ‘politics’ but the problem with our world is that we don’t think there’s enough love to go around. The problem with the Arab world is that we hold on to anger and have marinated in it for too long that we have forgotten why we are angry to begin with. Just judging by the way people drive you can tell there’s a huge gap that needs to be filled.

I quietly hurt as I read what is happening in Gaza and other parts of the world but for a change… now… I don’t feel helpless, cause I ask myself ‘what can I do to help and change what I don’t like about this world?’ I ask ‘how can I make a difference in my part of the world?’ And I AM doing my part and owning up to my responsibility.

The problem of a nation comes down to the problem of the individual and the family unit. If we all do our part, this will be a better world…powered by passion rather than hate, anger and greed. Be loving my friends, be honest with yourselves and with others and most importantly, Be You… and all will be well.

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