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My Voice My Thoughts

My Voice My Thoughts

It took quite some time to come around to what I wanted to blog about. It took a lot longer to figure out what a blog was, to begin with. Topics and titles went on all sorts of roller coaster rides.

I knew I needed to journal and that need was highlighted even more after watching “Julie and Julia” a few years back. I always kept a diary, on and off but now, I feel this strong urge to share what I have to say, and what I feel with more than just the blank pages of a journal. I hesitated and held back saying I’m not good enough to write and English is not my first language so I held back even more, until a recent conversation I had and that was it! The flood gates of writing have opened wide. I feel I can’t hold it, the words are just flowing through me and I will let them.

Did you know that women need to use up to 7,000 words a day as opposed to men who only need 2,000? I learned that women talk to discover what they want to say. I’m sure many relate to that. Girlfriends love to listen, they enjoy talking about all sorts without having to reach any specific conclusion. Going off on different tangents is considered okay! Men not as much, you start a conversation with a man and he just wants that plane to land and the point to hit home base.

So, this blog is my stage. It is me allowing myself to be myself and to ramble away and say all I want about anything and everything, anytime!

It is my chance to give a voice to my thoughts that have been on mute for quite a long time. This is my platform to share with the world my personal experiences and life lessons…the good, the bad, and the ugly.

So there you have it, my friends. This is me. Bare with any language boo-boos and feel free to interact!

I welcome your comments and feedback. I hope you enjoy what’s to come.

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