Every time I am asked and I say, ‘No, I don’t want kids of my own’, I get a myriad of reactions from people, all along the lines of pity and feeling sorry for me. Some want to convince me to not give up on the idea, others ask me to keep the faith, some want to tell me I’m pretty and young still (and will find a man!) and lately a close friend almost begged me to freeze my eggs… just in case.

No Kids of My Own, Thank You!Why is it so wrong for a woman to make such a conscious choice. I truly believe that I’m meant to care for other people’s children. I was blessed with 2 younger siblings (18 and 20 years younger-yes same parents) so as far as I’m concerned I’ve experienced it all minus pregnancy and childbirth (and who wouldn’t wanna pass on that!) From sleepless nights when they were infants, to changing diapers, from chauffeuring them around, to getting up at 6am for school. You name it, I’ve done it. So you ask me do I want to do that, all over again at 38 … I will say, no thank you very much!

We all have a purpose for the life we are given. And mine is not to follow the beaten path of a typical woman from my part of the world. I was married and that didn’t work out too well. I may or may not get married again (but am sure keen on having a soul mate and a partner for life). My life purpose is to be of service to the love generation I’m creating. My mission is to inspire and motive other people’s kids to be all they can be. I believe every kid has to have an adult friend who is not family. I want to be that person. I do a kick ass job at it and I only want to do more of it. Let’s face it, a lot of parents don’t know shit about raising kids, but they have them still.

What brings the most joy to my heart is being in front of the room talking to teenagers and younger women and to see the spark in their eyes once they get that A-HA moment. Knowing that I can touch their lives in a way that will have them grow powered by passion and driven by love, is all I can ask for.

So for those who know me personally, next time you ask and I say no, do me a favor and don’t give me that sorry look on your face! Deal?!

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