Our lives do not belong to us. Whether we know it or not, we are bound to others from birth. It is through every act of kindness and love, that we feel more alive and life is vibrantly colorful. When we love another person we see the face of the divine, which is because we are born to love and we are fulfilling that purpose. Love is to be given and to love another is the most natural way of being. It’s through the act of loving someone else that the spring of love is continuously regenerating within us so there’s more to give and the flow is infinite not stale.

Funny how it works too, the more you give the more you have of it. It cannot be saved, or hoarded or kept for oneself. It runs through our veins, bodies, minds, thoughts and our very existence. To deny it, is to deny life itself. God knows how many times in my life I was in pain because I felt like I had too much love in me and nobody to give it to. I was too young and only knew one way to channel it. Now I’m older, but no wiser, it seems. I’m on a beautiful, but more than ever I have the strong belief that I don’t want to be walking any path, no matter how exciting, alone.

On Love and LovingLoving myself… a new skill I learnt along the path of the past few years is important. Yes, absolutely. If you don’t love yourself enough, why would you expect anyone else to? Loving another soul, now that’s where the real juice is. It’s probably the most selfish act because of how it comes back to you tenfold. The reason behind the numbness, depression and emptiness felt after a break up is withdrawal symptoms of all the wonderful you felt! This totally makes sense, doesn’t it?

At an awesome seminar I attended last month, I realized having a partner (companion, soul mate, twin flame, or whatever you wanna call him) in my life is as important as fulfilling my life’s purpose. One without the other is like yin without yang, or Mickey without Minnie… it kinda doesn’t really work.

It is said that you can never ever lose a thing if it belongs to you. So keep your heart wide open and let the sun shine through. Go out there and love. Love freely. Love generously. Love selflessly.  For the only thing you have, is what you give!

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