I managed to get through my first day completing everything on my list. Plus some bonuses:

• This morning I was interviewed by a local newspaper.
• I got my dad laughing at my paragliding video from last month’s trip to Lebanon.
• I got a great idea in the works for Soul Sunday that I will tell more about later.
• I spoke to my very first client in Abu Dhabi (also a dear friend) who shared how transformed she is and how her friends even comment on the noticeable shift in her…it was music to my ears.

And lastly the guy interviewing me wanted some ‘fresh’ testimonials, namely people you have worked with me who’d be willing to share openly about their coaching experience and in Abu Dhabi that’s hard. So I contacted 3 clients thinking at least one will say yes… I was pleasantly surprised that all 3 said yes! That tells me times are changing and maybe just maybe people will start to be more open now about their experiences and emotions. Which makes me so excited about the Soul Sunday idea that will push that openness even further!

My second day of the challenge started off slow and ended up as a very productive day. In the morning to push myself through I kept saying one step at a time, one thing at a time. And then I went on to manage a 9am to 8pm kind of day at the office and still get my challenge done afterwards!

Sometimes all it takes is to realize that at any one point in time, there’s only really one thing you can do at a time. Knowing this and practicing it, is the total opposite of multi-tasking. Women especially pride themselves for their multi-tasking abilities which new studies show that it actually kills your performance and may even damage your brain. I’ll stick with baby steps. Nothing wrong with that. Who’s with me?! 58 days to go, one day at a time.

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