“Alas for those that never sing, but die with all their music in them.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

We can’t say this applied to David Bowie for sure. All his music did not die with him…but instead it lives on in the hearts and minds of all the people who loved him and were inspired by his decades-long career.

Many live and die quiet lives without ever sharing all the music and the songs inside their souls yearning to come out into the open, yearning to be shared with the world.

I am making it my lifetime occupation to shake people out of silence and into music…into their own music. And oh how sweet are the sounds that I’ve heard come out so far of people I’ve worked with who became brave enough to step into who they truly are…into their own music.

In one of his songs, Bowie says …‘We can be heroes, just for one day…or we can be us, just for one day.’

I say if we can be ourselves…truly, genuinely, vulnerably, transparently, courageously and un-apologetically… then we are heroes everyday. ‪#‎davidbowie‬ ‪#‎heroes‬ ‪#‎beyou‬


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