The part of ourselves with wings sometimes battles with our earthbound selves. True on so many levels. It’s October my friends!! With 3 months to go for 2015, let’s finish the year strong!

Remember those resolutions or goals you’ve set for yourself in the very distant past… 9 months ago?! Well, how about you bust those out and pick one that will change the whole game for you. Pick the one that will free you out of your comfort zone and make you fly.

No matter how small or big. Share with me here or PM or email me and I will be picking one of you to coach free of charge till year end. When you write me… tell me WHAT is it you want to achieve and tell me WHY. You have to be clear. If you, like me, were negatively impacted by what’s happening around you and need a booster, a cheerleader or just a good kick in the butt, I’m your coach! Reach out. Now!

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