Are you sure you are up for this?
I’m serious… are you ready?
– Private Life Coaching

I’m not your average kind of life coach. As a matter of fact I prefer the term empowerment coach because I’m all about putting the power and control ‘over your life’ back into your hands… not your mother’s hands, not your husband’s hands not anybody else’s hands.

You may or may not like me or the way I coach. I am very selective with who I work with one on one ( private life coaching). I swear often. I say it as it is. I challenge you to do crazy things between sessions. I rattle your cage until you feel the bursting desire to escape out of your comfort zone. I don’t sugar coat and I might just fire you if I feel you’re wasting my time and your money. One thing is guaranteed though… if you stick with it, you will be transformed in a way that will impact the rest of your life positively. No bull. This is the real deal right here for you.

I love working with people who have big dreams or lost and forgotten ones. I love working with people who want to create change in their lives and the lives of others in their communities, countries or the world at large.

Be You International | Randa El Zein | offerings | Private Life Coaching
Butterfly |Private Life Coaching

“Randa has had a tremendous impact and changed my way of thinking about what life ‘is supposed to be’. I have the power to change what I don’t like by simply having a different perspective. More important, Randa has prompted me to dream again and to live out these dreams with passion.”

— Filomena Gasparro, Canada

One can go through the entire spectrum of formal education, from school to college to university, and emerge without the tools needed to live life to the fullest, deal with everyday emotional wear-and-tear, and combat life’s challenges successfully.

You only live once, so why wing it?!

Perhaps you want to improve your confidence and self- esteem, find your inner passions, get healthy, build a business from the ground up, start living in the moment, or improve your relationships with loved ones? Or maybe you are angry, wanting more out of life but feeling lost, frustrated, powerless or just stuck? Together we can orchestrate and get you to execute a plan that will result in more fulfillment in life and rewarding results.

You will see results because YOU are going to make the change happen—no one else, only YOU. You will be held accountable for all of your actions and I will be there beside you to cheer you on & witness your transformation.

Be You International | Randa El Zein | offerings | Private Life Coaching

Just as a personal trainer offers structured physical fitness support and nutritional advice to help you live a healthy lifestyle, I have the skills to help you reach your life goals.

Big dreams always start with a small step.

I’ll give you my undivided attention and the solution to all your problems. Well, not entirely, I’ll give you the keys, insights, skills and tools so you can solve your own problems. I’m only a life coach not a magician!

Doubtful? Yes, that’s understandable, you don’t know me yet. Therefore, I dare your skeptical self to give me a call! It’s in your best interest, not mine, to contact me like … now, right now. I know you have that ‘je ne sais quoi’ kind of feeling that makes your fingertips want to click that book your free session button … go right ahead, the only thing standing between you and your ideal life where you get to truly BE YOU is you.

Complimentary Session
Be You International

“I appreciate everything you have done for me, your encouragement and support during coaching time gave me the strength, self confidence and the push to stand on my own feet and face all the personal problems that I went through, meant that I have gone further than I could ever have imagined, you are a great life coach Randa, I can’t thank you enough.”

— N.A., Abu Dhabi

Don’t just create goals, create happiness!
Happy people change the world.

Happy People Change the World

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