What They Say!

“The Passionability Event was such a rewarding experience for me. I was able to take time out for myself to meditate, renew, and explore what I wanted out of life with the guidance of Randa. Randa’s energy is palpable in her commitment to inspire us to live a life powered by passion. Her motto is that happy people change the world and you can not be in the presence of her vitality without a smile! I, wholeheartedly, recommend Passionability to anybody looking to reconnect with, or discover for the first time, their values, passions and motivations. Experience Passionability and be ready to ignite a life full of love, happiness and meaning!”
-Alisha Tysor
“I was so afraid to open up and feel the pain of my inner voices. But Randa you managed to hold my hand and my heart throughout this inner discovery journey. “
– Sarab Al Naqshbaneh
“It’s one of the most amazing workshops I attended. It’s not just knowledgable, it gives long term skills to live your life and understand yourself more. I recommend it to everyone so we can change our society. “
– Fatima Al Naqbi
“I didn’t expect this sort of workshop to work for me, although I came with an open mind. It brought a lot of real emotions to the surface, however, and allowed me to take control of my happiness it also allowed my friends to see a side to me that is often hidden and only shown to those I have come to trust over many years. I feel like a burden has lifted and I am ready to make healthier choices for myself. Thank you Randa. Thank you for giving me the faith that my happiness is my choice.”
“Randa has a way of reminding you of what your focus aims & goals are. We often forget or get distracted. This workshop has given me the focus to work on & drive forward towards my goals and ultimately reminded me to remember myself. To give myself the love & attention I give others.”
– Benash
“Thank You Randa, for re-awakening my awareness of what it means to be happy. Only I can change the journey that I choose to live by changing my attitude. Thank you for an awakening day and special experience. Continue to do what you do so well.”
– Janine
“Thank you Randa, you brought me to the starting point of changing my life.”
– Fatin
“Very inspiring and knowledgeable experience. A definite energy booster for today, tomorrow and the future. `Sincere thank you for instilling magical moments & techniques that will help me achieve at least 1, if not all my goals. You are a true inspiration for a great beginning to anyone your life crosses path with. Keep up the wonderful work.”
Al Adhami
“What a pleasure it was to meet you. Thank you for spreading happiness and doing what you do. I hope that you will always be happy. I know I will after this.”
– Nancy Awad
“An upbeat and engaged event where clarity takes over from confusion and low energy. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and left with a number of tools to create a clearer path. Be You is a blessing. Randa, you are sent from Heaven.”
– Nichola HH, Abu Dhabi
“Randa’s passion and ethusiasm to help others is truly inspiring for those who wish to achieve their life’s purpose. The step-by-step method she utilizes effectively empowers others to create a vision of their dreams and a process to finally achieve them.”
– Zayd Faris
“I can confidently say that I got more than my expectations, you made me realize emotional strengths deep rooted in me that I could not have found on my own and not only that but to put those strengths to use and see the results is far beyond anything I could say, really words are not enough to express how much I love you!”
–Sahar, Abu Dhabi
“Randa is an amazing coach and a true inspiration! I still remember my first session with her on discovering my passions, it has been more than a year and since then, my life has tremendously changed. I cannot thank her enough, she brought wonderful insights and helped me gain clarity and take measurable actions in different aspects of my life. Her coaching was the start of my journey towards living a life “powered by passion”. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Randa!”
Abu Dhabi
“Thank you for everything you did for me Randa I appreciate every single word you said since we met I really feel much happier confident and more positive after you removed the black eyeglasses I was wearing for a long time. I remember the first session when you asked me to write every day about the good things that happen to me. I was shocked that week of the number of good things I managed to list. I wish you all the best in your life.”
“I approached Be You International through a referral from another coach because at that time I was searching for my life purpose. I spent days and nights in tears wondering what could it be that I was born to do. I was in a stage where I felt I was really lost. It’s incredible how Randa helped me to reconnect with my inner self and become powered by passion… I am glad that I met her.”
–Anoud the Achiever, Abu Dhabi
“I still remember when Randa asked me in the first session: do you love yourself? I paused, didn’t know what to answer as I never thought about it. She taught me to love myself, to turn every bad experience into a learning one, to be more in control of my. I’m more outgoing, self-expressive, socializing more., doing stuff out of my comfort zone, understanding myself more, loving myself more. The effect has been more on letting the change cross over to my job in terms of self-confidence, public speaking and taking decisions. We meet lots of people in our life. Some you might forget their names and some you never will. Randa I will always remember your smile and POSITIVE WORDS. Big thank you for you, and for Be You.”
– Lina Hajar, Abu Dhabi
“Today was my last session and I cherish the changes I have partly because of you. May you reach the darkest corners of the universe with your light and stay GOLD Randa!”
– Otto
“I appreciate everything you have done for me, your encouragement and support during coaching gave me the strength , self confidence and the push to stand on my own feet and face all the personal problems that I went through. I have gone further than I could ever have imagined, you are a great life coach Randa, I can’t thank you enough.” We meet lots of people in our life. Some you might forget their names and some you never will. Randa I will always remember your smile and POSITIVE WORDS. Big thank you for you, and for Be You.”
– N.A., Abu Dhabi
“I was trapped in my own mind looking at the world and wondering where am I going and why I couldn’t live a fulfilling life. She was the first one to unlock me. Randa really helped me think through my emotions and needs. She taught me to identify each one of them and to live them fully in order to take the right measures and get results. The passion test is a revealing experience. It unfolded my subconscious to a surprisingly stunning “picture”. I’m happier and freer than ever. And obviously I now know where I am going. She promises you a life changing experience and she delivers on her promise.”
“I am glad to have signed up with Randa. With her enthusiasm and honesty, I got to understand myself and remind myself that I am strong to literally change anything anytime. It will be a long journey but she equipped me with all the tools for that.”
“Life coaching with Randa is a journey, one that she helps shape with my own hands. I first find out that I have built many walls in my mind. Some of these walls have been there since before I remember, and some are new. What lies on the other side of each wall, is a dream. I entertain several possibilities of what I might turn out to be: a banker, an economist, a chef, a musician, and a writer. Randa has armed me with the power of self-awareness and visualization; one to question the existence of the wall, and one to make what’s on the other side tangible, visible, audible, even edible. When one would say to me, unleash your potential, it really wasn’t immediately clear how I could do that. Randa shows me how to take down these walls and how to play an active role in the forming of new pillars of motivation and strength; and the strength is in the purpose. I believe she knows that the foundation most of us stand upon is weak, and based on living a passive life. Come with an open mind, leave with a new life.”
– Omar, Lebanon
“Working with Randa is both an asset and a fun experience, in 2013 I was going through conflicting emotions of confusion, fear and demotivation. I seeked coaching because I was looking for a voice of experience that can help me understand myself better as a 24 year old, while gradually becoming empowered. Working with Be You changed my perspective about life, taught me how to attain my goals, be verbally expressive and confident. Probably the highlights of this cool experience was that I learnt that independence is a state of mind followed by actions that you create by yourself and for yourself. I appreciate the times that Randa pushed my buttons because it provoked me to dig deep inside myself and identify my motivations. I am now a girl ready to TAKE ON THE WORLD!!”
– Lama Younis
“Randa helped me to dig deep into the soul. I started feeling the existence of me. The power of me that I was denying. She taught me that everyone has a hero inside and that me and only me can change things to the better. I have gone through depressions, used anti depressants, slept most of time , gained weight and even getting more depressed. I was running away from the truth and was dependent on a pill, or a chemical substance to be happy . One day of awaking I realized I was destroying myself and I decided to face ME and heal ME instead of running away from ME. That is what Randa helped me to do. Looking deep into myself . Talking to myself , agreeing , disagreeing , arguing until I found my way. Her energy and positivity are empowering and healing .”
– EK, Abu Dhabi.
Working with Randa as my life coach really pushed me to deep levels; areas I didn’t want to really face, but needed to. She made that journey much easier. She not only provides relatable examples, she is able to call you out in a way that is gentle yet tough. She opens doors and ideas to your soul. Randa’s energy is wonderful and contagious!”
– Jenn Bader, Canada
“Randa has had a tremendous impact and changed my way of thinking about what life ‘is supposed to be’. I have the power to change what I don’t like by simply having a different perspective. More important, Randa has prompted me to dream again and to live out these dreams with passion.”
– Filomena Gasparro
“If I want to describe it in one word, I would definitely say: ENLIGHTENING. The passion test made everything clearer to me. It made me realize that what I thought before was an impossible dream is instead my number one passion in this life, and I WILL ACHIEVE IT and my dedicated coach Randa El Zein will be there of course to witness that, whom without I wouldn’t be at this stage of my life; where I wake up every morning with a smile on my face, feeling satisfied and content; because I have finally paved my path in life.”
– Rim Chami

“Randa is the embodiment of Servant Leadership – evident from the moment you start collaborating with her. Randa is at once, passionate, intelligent, funny, and appropriately fierce. She cares about your success, and through the Passion Test, I learned so much more about who I am, than simply doing a ‘values’ exercise.
If you’re seeking clarity around your life purpose, core values, and future opportunities, contact Randa, and you will not be disappointed.” – Jeff Hendler, Canada

“I didn’t know what to expect from the coaching session. It started with Randa (whom I call My Passion Trainer) introducing the Passion Test. The session was emotional, full of epiphanies and definitely an eye opener. I wouldn’t say I heard new things during the session; but I would say that I spoke of things my head wouldn’t usually allow me to even think of. Most importantly, it was an honest one-to-one conversation with a remarkable coach who surely pushed me to go forward with my passion.” –Mariam Al Chami

“Your passion test puts me back on track. It cleared my vision and mind. It brought perspective and took me to my core … to myself… Thank you thank you thank you. I am so full of energy now.” – Fulya

“You have heard so much about finding your passion but probably still don’t know where to begin. We didn’t learn this stuff in school. We were programmed to do well in school and get a job and that was “life”. But living a life without passion is not really living. I knew this but I too did not know where to begin. The task seemed daunting! Then I met Randa El Zein. In less than a few hours she literally took my hand and guided me through very simple steps to finding my passion. I couldn’t believe how quick, easy and exciting it was!! I couldn’t believe how for the first time in my life I felt an incredible energy course through my body. How could I not have known this after almost 50 years of life on this planet? It is never too late to find your passion! Randa is as passionate about helping you find your passion as you are about discovering it. Thank you Randa for changing my life! “ -Trisha Backman, Ontario, Canada

“If I want to describe it in one word, I would definitely say: ENLIGHTENING. The passion test made everything clearer to me. It made me realize that what I thought before was an impossible dream is instead my number one passion in this life, and I WILL ACHIEVE IT and my dedicated coach Randa El Zein will be there of course to witness that, whom without I wouldn’t be at this stage of my life; where I wake up every morning with a smile on my face, feeling satisfied and content; because I have finally paved my path in life.” – Rim Chami

“Randa has recently facilitated a Passion test for me, and I parted with the following: The more clarity we have about what is most important in our lives – our passions – the better able we are to see opportunities and make decisions that move us toward our passions and increase our joy. What I loved about working with Randa, is that her approach is a CAN do one, that leaves you with a smile. I would recommend Randa to anyone who intends to work with her, for her or be coached by her.” – Sahar Makki; Business Risk Consultant at Deloitte & Touche

“Randa’s ability to connect with her client, regardless of their age, sex and background, is a talent and gift seldom found in people and rarely utilized constructively. As someone who was always nicknamed Doubting Thomas, Randa treaded lightly over my fears and hesitation until they were all dismissed. I am not a person who reads self-help books, but conversing with a woman whose passion is to help is an experience I strongly recommend to everyone who’s about to “settle” and accept things as they are.” – Abdallah Al Shami; Special Projects Editor for Shawati’, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

“Just want to thank you for the experience of guiding me through the Passion Test. The process of writing the Passion Test provided structure for discovery of what is inside me; what I am excited by; who excites me; where and why I want to travel; and, how I want to live my life. All of which, are more than goals. The concept of setting markers to indicate that I am living some of my passions is particularly grounding and revealing. Your guidance was paramount during the process because you instigated additional questioning necessary to achieve the details for my results.” –Filomena G. Toronto, Canada
“Doing the Passion Test showed me what I really want in life! It taught me that when I want to pick between choices I see what my heart tells me not what I should do because at times what your brain says is the opposite of what your heart wants!” -Ola; Student, Abu Dhabi, UAE
“Wow! I still remember the powerful coaching session you lead in January! It totally changed my life!” – Michelle G, Montreal, Canada

“I had the privilege to be guided by Randa in a career coaching session. One of the fantastic tools that she administered so effectively was The Passion Test. She utilized it in a way that made results obvious, the action steps to be taken very clear. She had an insightful way of getting to the heart of the matter, showing you clearly the end result that your passion was guiding you toward and the steps necessary to get there. As a Coach, Randa is inspiring and skillful guide to achieving your highest potential.” – Michael Coady; Producer / Writer /Actor, Los Angeles, USA

“Since the beginning of my coaching classes I have been thinking to my self “what will this do for me?” and “how and when will I see the benefits from this coach?” Randa was not a therapist, nor was she someone who told me what to do. She was a coach. Someone who encouraged me, pushed me, helping me to see the ideas I was trying to create. A coach who helped me put my ideas into action and let me drive those actions into the results I so desperately wanted to achieve. Randa used great models and exercises along with challenges to get me to my goals. As these tools were taught and experienced, I started seeing results right away in my work life, home life and also play. I have grown into a better leader at work, a husband and father at home and have now been able to design and enjoy my free time the way I wanted with all three quadrants of my life meshing well with each other. I recommend this to all people regardless of the task, road block or confusion one may have in their own life. My advice is to trust the process and use the techniques she may offer. A giant thanks to Randa El Zein from me, my family, friends and co-workers.”
-Anthony Haack