We live in a time of stress, anxiety and overwhelm. We are constantly rushed, racing, wanting to multi-task and do more more more. We are haunted by the thought that we don’t have enough time. All just a fabrication of the mind to keep us trapped and contracted in our comfort zone. Science proves that 80-90% of our thoughts are recycled thoughts from yesterday. So we just keep looping through the same old shit over and over again. We live like walking talking zombies. Unaware and unconscious for the most part. We allow negative, debilitating and dis-empowering thoughts to roam around our minds, like unwelcome guests walking with muddy shoes around your house! We are so out of touch with our center and don’t realize how trapped we really are in a prison of our own making. If others try to wake us up, we fight them…we accuse them of ‘not knowing what they are talking about’. We become blinded by our habits.

Shine Brighter Than The SunCompare our entire being to a battery. There’s 2 ends. One is positive, the other negative. One is a positive expanding potential of what we can do with our life and the other is a negative contracting potential. And you are the boss of it all.

You get to choose what direction you go. You have the capacity, power, and freedom to go either way.

Who can do this? Everyone. When should you do this? Now. How can you do it? Simple. We are our own ‘pharmacy’. We choose our own holistic prescription of a better more positive mix of thoughts to fill our minds with. A prescription of decisions coming from the center of your essence, where everything is pure and simple. We all have it…and yet we ignore it, we don’t seek it, nurture it or tap into its infinite energy.

One ingredient is most essential for all this to happen. The desire to change. That willingness to be open, vulnerable and hungry for a better quality of life, a more mindful life. We need to choose to be comfortable with being uncomfortable outside our comfort zones! We are not afraid of our shadow, it’s our light that we are afraid of.

How will we ever shine the magnificence of being ourselves, of being who we really are, if we are afraid of how brightly that light will shine?

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