Igniting a Life Full of Love, Happiness & Meaning

This book is based on a Step-By-Step experimental learning event that takes you through finding your passions, planning your best year ever and keeping your cup full so you literally fall in love with your life.

$19.00 (NOTE: TAX is included but shipping fee is excluded.)

Be You cards

Be You Cards


This small box contains some very big & powerful messages. Use them every time you feel like you need a little encouragement, a pick me up, some inspiration or a kick in the butt. They only tell what you already know deep inside. Let them serve you when you are feeling lost, uninspired or demotivated. Let the cards be that other voice reminding you to always Be Authentic, Be True and to, most importantly, Be You.

“Your cards are amazing and make such beautiful and inspiring gifts.” — Esther

"You're an inspiration... I made a shift in my choice making after I read your post and I made something happen for myself that I may not have otherwise done. It resulted in someone purchasing a book from my website. My first customer to purchase from my new website. Thanks, Randa! Keep sharing!."
– Celeste J Ross

"Way to go Passion Test Sister! I am SOOOO PROUD of you! Keep on sharing those beautiful gifts you have with the world ! Let's keep on 'Doing what we love to the service of people who love what we do!' Hugs ! Best regards & wishes from the Dominican Republic! Love always!"
– James Garcia

"Be you is the brain Child of a amazingly talented, inspiring and empowering individual called Randa. She makes you question for insecurities, helps prioritise your passions and supports you in becoming the you, you want to be. If I could give more stars I would loan some from the sky and happily award them to her."
– Benash Nazmeen

"Be You International's booth is the best thing that was held in the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre ever!"

– Mahmoud Habashi

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