My challenge was at risk because of a few distractions but not to worry, I still managed. It really does work like a charm to challenge yourself this way, on a stage for all to see, to judge or to join!

A client started his own challenge publicly today and I think the world has to watch out because 1-he’s very passionate about what he’s challenged himself to do and 2-he’s got one kick ass coach! Here’s how he put it out on Facebook:

Hello everyone, Day 1 out of 30, I’d like to issue a challenge to myself out in public so that I cannot not do it and I can’t give myself excuses. For the next 30 days, including today, I will write everyday for 30 minutes. Whether what is produced at the end is an award winning short novel, or just pages upon pages of me writing “I have to write for 30 minutes”, I don’t care! Here I go Randa El Zein!’

My cousin sends me this beautiful picture of us at his wedding last month demonstrating a true heart to heart hug! How many of those do you get a day?! Get yourself some hugs everyday, it’s good for you. Trust me! It’s all about spreading the love and inspiring others to challenge themselves and step up!

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