I’m excited about my upcoming workshop. It’s on happiness this time. With only 5 days to go, I’m hopeful that a bigger number of people would actually show up. No matter what number does show up, I always give my 100%. I’ve given workshops before where I worried if anyone would show up at all, since I was on a shoe string budget for marketing my events and I am not the savviest in utilizing social media to promote them. I have given workshops before to an audience of 1…yes 1 person. So is that success or failure?

I’m a workaholic in-the-making. I love what I do and do what I love. Not many can say that, so I count my blessings a million times. Anyway, I go to bed last night with work on my mind as usual and I dream that Richard Branson rsvp’d to attend my workshop! (So now I get to say Mr. Branson attended my workshop… it’s true … in my dreams!!!)

Success, Failure and my Dream about Richard BransonNeedless to say that he is one of my biggest icons for success. I think it is very symbolic that of all people out there that I regard highly, it was him who gets to attend my workshop. He’s all about thinking big, treading on uncharted territories and doing what you love while serving others.

That’s what Be You International is all about. Life coaching in UAE is still a relatively new industry, so uncharted territory indeed! Even though it is a young small business still, I never allowed that to make me narrow minded or restricted in how big I can see it becoming. I see it with such clarity, it is crystal clear to me and as I grow my team, we only recruit people who are as passionate and who believe in our mission as I do.

Early in April I was feeling so defeated and the heaviness of the word ‘failure’ was getting me further down. One thing I know for sure, when you are working on something you are passionate about, something you love more than you love yourself, there’s no way for failure to find its way to you. It may look like it though. There’s story after story of famous people out there who made it big only after years and years of rejection or failure or challenges. True passion is what I’m talking about here, something you’d wanna spend the rest of your life doing or die trying. That is me, I’m powered by passion. That’s what I inspire in people and through that same passion I help my clients transform their own lives.

So to me, success and failure are just ups and downs along a path you love… a path you chose. Once you find that path, just go for it no matter what, or as Richard Branson would say… Screw it, Let’s Do It!

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