A Love Story

Started reading Howard Schultz’s Onward. I love love love what he said here as it resonates with me on so many levels. Be You International (and all its butterflies) is my baby, my mission, and my life purpose. A love story indeed! I had my high highs and low...

The Jump That Changed My Life!

Throwback to the jump from a plane that I did in Dubai (& Fiji before that) and the jump off a 60 feet high pole (that’s around 20 meters) that I did in Fiji few years ago. I could feel the butterflies in my stomach again as I remember those amazing experiences...

Spreading the Love!

My challenge was at risk because of a few distractions but not to worry, I still managed. It really does work like a charm to challenge yourself this way, on a stage for all to see, to judge or to join! A client started his own challenge publicly today and I think the...

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