Hang On or Let Go

We struggle to hang on to things, people, ideas, beliefs or habits because of what we project for them to mean to us. Because of what we project as pleasure or pain around hanging on to those things. Because of stories we make up and choose to believe. And we struggle...

Tepoztlan Temple Mountain Hike…for Real!

“See the mountain ahead?” Marco asks. Yes, I do. “Look at the very top just below that cloud on the left, do you see that temple?” He guides me towards the cloud as I squint searching for what he wants me to see. Then I find it. “Yes, I...

Boost Your Kid's Confidence

That’s one of the most important goals for every parent. Get actionable advice & food for thought to help you become a better parent for your kid.

HappYness 101

Learn how to boost your happiness & confidence quickly without having to spend a ton of time on self-help books.