What is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself that stands in the way of you achieving your dreams and living the life you truly want?

Everyone has a story. The words of the story has their very own power. They work it so that you believe your story even when circumstances change. You believe it and defend it until it becomes such an integral part of your life, to the point where you start to believe the story is you…  and you are your story. Ego and story intertwine and the next you know there’s a bullshit festival going on!

Your Bullshit StoryThe dream that once upon a time, was vibrant and wanting to happen becomes a distant thought. Your story tells you, that it is a ridiculous dream. It tells you that you can’t do it? Your ego plants doubt in your mind as to whether you even deserve it. Who do you think you are ? Who says you deserve this? You can’t do this , it’s beyond you. This is not safe, stick to what you know. Dreaming big is for others. And on and on and on…

Many awesome lives are lived in vain. Many beautiful dreams surrendered to oblivion all because we don’t believe in ourselves even when everyone around us says ‘go for it, you can do it’.

It just breaks my heart to be a witness to this happening so often to many out there. It’s disheartening that statistics say that less than 20% of working people are actually passionate about what they are doing. How sad it that!?!

So who would you be without that bullshit story? What would you achieve? What will it take for you to leap across the gap between where you are now and where you want to be? Have faith. Step up!

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