There’s nothing more amazing than to have an idea or a dream that you imagined doing in the far future…and realize the time has come now!

In the spirit of the Happyness I want to spread & the Love Generation I want to create… (inspired by a conversation I had with my baby brother, some reading & research I did lately, TOMS, Ghandi who said ‘Be the Change’ …and a bunch of great people in my circle)… I’ve decided it is time.

I’m taking Happyness 101 to Lebanon. This October!!!

It’s been part of Be You’s vision and bigger picture since the beginning…to be able to give back in a huge way. I will be working there specifially with youth, the game changers and people who believe in change, making a difference and the possibility of a love generation driven by passion. So, proceeds from the Aug 8th event will go towards this idea to make that first event FREE for ALL.

All that remains, is to find a venue that will allow me to host this, some genius free marketers to get the crowds coming… and that’s the easy part…because happy people can change the world. Join us this Saturday and be part of the change.

If you are in Lebanon and you want to contribute or be part of the planning, please do get in touch.


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