Early this morning I go through my ‘power hour’ routine as I have been doing since I got back from my July trips. Funny that the number one thing I learn from the business course that I attended then, was to take care of myself…and that’s how ‘power hour’ became an important part of my day…if not the most important.

You get to decide what ‘power hour’ needs to be so you can go about your day mindfully, productively, or whatever you set the intention for your day to be. So in mine I have a bit of yin yoga among other things and today I wanted to do some inversions. Some of you know that I had set the intention to be able to do an inversion pose completely unassisted for 2014 and I got there back in March. Well, of course now I want the next thing that would challenge me. So I set my arms where they need to be for Scorpion pose….something I’ve been doing for months and months…without much else happening! Even going into dolphin was hard. I kick one leg, then the other…nothing for months. I just kept at it, working on my upper body strength and my flexibility slowly but surely.

Today was different though. I got into dolphin easy. And I just said the magic words to myself…’Today is the Day’. I knew it. I knew it right there and then, that this time, I’m gonna kick and I am gonna go all scorpion-y!!! I kicked one leg, again, I tried the other, again…and I reaffirmed myself that today is the day. My hands sweaty by now, and my heart racing (this shit is hard)…I kick and just. like. that. Now I can do yet another inversion pose, unassisted. And I felt mighty proud in silence…all by myself in my room as I catch my breath.

Today is the Day. The words you say to yourself (what you feed your mind), and the decisions you make (what you promise yourself), combined with the action you take daily….no matter how small or big…is what makes up your life!

Today is the day for you too….What is waiting to be created through you? What good in the world is going to spread because of you?


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