Meet Strider my friends, a tsunami survivor. Strider apparently has been washed up by a tsunami onto Talalla resort and they’ve adopted him since!

I look at his eyes and only imagine what it would have been like to not know what was happening to him, to not know if he will survive or not, I wonder where did he come from originally and how far he’s been fighting for life in the crazy waters of a tsunami.

I read somewhere that you need to participate in your own rescue. You can’t just sit there waiting for salvation to come.

In a crisis, there’s those who scream out for life and wave their hands up in the air and holler at anyone who could help… and there’s those who just wait to sink slowly as the words ‘Why Me?!’ are repeated in their head.

Fortunately for me, as an empowerment coach, I get the pleasure of working with a lot of the first type of people and I get to look into their eyes after the tsunami called ‘ocean of emotions’ has come and gone, and I get to see how they are in charge of their emotions and therefore, of their lives too.

Unfortunately, I get to meet a lot of the second type in my personal life and I’m learning slowly to curb the urge to want to rescue those who don’t want to be rescued. I learned the hard way, that they can sink you before you can float them!

Don’t play a minor role in the movie of your own life. Nobody else in the world will be able to play you as well as you can.

So be you… powered by passion… and may you sail happily through all types of oceans!

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