Those Voices from Within

“If you hear a voice within you saying, ‘You are not a painter,’ then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.”-Vincent Van Gogh

As I coach clients and talk with friends, I realize how much easier it is for people to associate with the negative self-talk and the limiting beliefs that get you in that ‘I’m stuck’ feeling. It is only after several sessions with a client that they come to actually learn the difference between that voice, the voice of their self-destructive, dark or negative side, and their own voice. One part of your subconscious mind is a saboteur, and a saboteur’s whole mission in life is to keep you where you are. It wants to maintain the status quo. It is comfortable there and you are comfortable with it. No need to change, no need to stretch your limits and challenge your potential. Tempting, seductive and ever so convincing! It sabotages your life!!

You become so signed up to those beliefs that you are ready to defend them to the umpteenth degree. Yet there’s still that little part of you, deep inside, yearning for change, longing to get ‘unstuck’.
It’s that little voice, that I aim to amplify through my coaching sessions. Oh boy once you give it a microphone, it is all over the place. It becomes almost impossible to quiet it or to ignore it. Why? Because its source is a place of utmost resonance. Its whole purpose in life is to be there to support you, to be your cheerleader, to give you access to its infinite wisdom and for you to bask in its absolute compassion.

Who on the planet can’t use some of that in their life?! This is the sound of Empowerment. This is what it’s like to be positive and to believe that the sky is the limit. Empowered thoughts are all that this voice is going to give you.

So the next time you are hit with one of themThose Voices from Within mean, old, nasty, stubborn thoughts that you are not good enough, or that you can’t do it, take a deep breath… or ten… and then try to listen to your heart. Often times, it’s the heart that knows best and the mind only clouds your judgment. The more you listen, the more you will hear your empowering voice that you know will help you to soar over any obstacle you are facing. That voice will tell you to Be Courageous, to Be Empowered, to Be You.


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