It is the season for making resolutions lists and planning for the year. Usually all those plans and lists that you got all too excited about, fade out of awareness by February. Resolutions don’t work. Commitments to yourself do. And the key to making those commitments is through 3 simple questions.


What do you want? What is it that will make your heart really sing? What do you want to do with the rest of your life, with the coming year, with your tomorrow? What do you want to do now? With all the resources available to us nowadays, from the internet and youtube to self help books and life coaches, we really don’t have an excuse to say that we don’t know what we want. Yet that is sadly, the majority of people.


Once you have your list of what you want, there must be an adjacent list to it where you are asking yourself ‘Why?’. Why do you want each of the items you listed under ‘What?’ If you don’t have a strong enough ‘Why?’ then no action will take place and you might as well forget the whole thing. That answer has to be convincing enough to YOU. You have to feel an emotional charge, some level of excitement as you go through your ‘Whys?’


Once you know what you want and why you want it, then you have clarity about your direction in life. What’s left is to ask ‘How?’ How are you going to achieve what you want? Time for reflection and thinking is done with the first 2 questions, now it is time for action. Now is time for a plan. Not any kind of plan. A massive action plan. A plan that will propel you forward. There’s so many components to a plan and so many ways to do it. But what’s most important, is to Write It Down.

Think about this and give it a shot. It can take you a couple of hours to a couple of days to get all this sorted out. Then you are all set….and let your true potential manifest.

This is what living POWERED BY PASSION looks like. You know what you want, you know exactly why you want it and you have a kick ass plan to get there. Own that plan and cheer yourself on at the milestones.

If all this is foreign to you, get yourself a life coach. In a few sessions you can get all straightened out and ready to live out 2015 to the fullest.

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