At 8:20pm I look at my watch at the end of my long coaching day and realize that I didn’t have lunch, and didn’t even notice! That’s a sure sign that I’m doing what I love and loving what I do. And how can I but love it. Here’s an example of why.

With her full permission, I share this client’s story… Relationship with her husband is on the rocks with years of hardened suppressed anger mixed with expectations, disappointments and the works resulting in them being cold to one another.

Today, after only a couple of coaching sessions and her own effort changing her own attitude towards him, assuming responsibility for her part in why the relationship is not working and taking charge of creating the happier relationship with him that she desires, she tells me he held her and kissed her hand.

I almost teared up as she spoke because I could see the shift in her demeanor and energy compared to the previous session… it was that of an empowered woman. And this is just the beginning of how she is going to transform her life.

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