Wishing Hoping Planning Then Doing! – 20 days to go! A favorite time of year for me. Looking back and assessing the wins and losses of the past 12 months (as many of my clients know) is part of what I do as I prepare for the coming 12 months.

Wishing Hoping Planning Then Doing!

You set a vision for yourself and goals for the life you want but more importantly you have to have a strong and juicy ‘why’ you want that vision and those goals. It’s what will keep you moving forward when the tough gets going! How do you plan your new year?

Wishing Hoping Planning Then Doing!

There couldn’t be a more beautiful rainy day to spend 6 hours working on my new vision board!

My 2016 business and personal plans are also ready and I feel proud. I read somewhere that the fear of staying in the same place is worse than the fear of failure! That’s me. And what better way to track how far you’ve come than through vision boards and yearly plans!?

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