PASSIONABILITYIgniting a Life Full of Love, Happiness & Meaning

This book is based on my Step-By-Step experimental learning event that takes you through finding your passions, planning your best year ever, and keeping your cup full so you literally fall in love with your life.

About The Book

The longest-running show on our mental Broadway is the way you respond to the question “How will you live your life?” Will you choose the way of doubt and fear, or will you choose love and wisdom? Let’s not be our own enemies. Let’s not be a hindrance to our own happy life.

I Believe ……

we need more happy people because happy people change the world. I’m here to build a loving generation of happy people who are powered by passion.

I Believe ……

happy people are those who bring their ALL to the game of life and utilize all their God-given unique sets of gifts, talents, personalities, and passion. That’s the essence of Being You.

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